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Paul Carroll with Gregory Corso, Allen Ginsberg, and Peter Orlovsky at the time of the Big Table benefit reading, Chicago, January 1959 (photo-booth image – Photo c. Allen Ginsberg Estate

Allen Ginsberg, Irving Rosenthal (once Chicago Review editor & founder of Big Table)  Peter Orlovsky, 1959. courtesy Allen Ginsberg Collection

Presuming that folks are familiar with Scribd – “a digital documents library that allows users to publish, discover and discuss original writings and documents in various languages” – see, for example, two brief letters,  from 1958, from Allen to Paul Carroll at the Chicago Review – (Allen on the Naked Lunch pages he sent Carroll – “I also enclose some final poison for your pot – Burroughs”) – this is the initiative which would later transmute into the Paul Carroll-Irving Rosenthaledited, Big Table

Other Ginsberg-related documents, that we’ve mentioned before, include the definitive document on Allen’s 1965 expulsion from Czechoslovakia – “Final Report on the Activities of the American Poet Allen Ginsberg and his Deportation from Czechoslovakia”  that appeared in the Summer 1998 issue of the Massachusetts Review, not to mention various secondary articles – Tim Brown’s analysis of a late (June 1994) Chicago reading, for instance & Jonathan Katz’s “Allen Ginsberg, Herbert Marcuse, and the Politics of Eros”.

Here’s a curious one –  “Pesnici Bit Generacije” – Vladislav Bajaci and Vojo Sindolic’s 1979 Eastern European Beat translations.

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