Jack Kerouac Collected Poems

This book (we’ll be having much more to say about it in the coming weeks) just came out (this past Thursday), and is, of course, essential reading. “This landmark edition”, the publishers, Library of America, point out, “brings together, for the first time, all (Jack) Kerouac‘s major poetic works – Mexico City Blues, The Scripture of the Golden Eternity, Book of Blues, Pomes All Sizes, Old Angel Midnight, (and) Book of Haikus – along with a rich assortment of his uncollected poems, six published here for the first time.”

Marilene Phipps-Kettlewell is the accomplished editor. A short interview with her may be read here.

(& Library of America are, also, it should be remembered, publishers of this Kerouac prose compendium – with, hopefully a part two, of the later novels, forthcoming).

Here’s the alternative cover for the new Kerouac Poetry Collection (in keeping with house style). Like we say, more to follow.

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