Friday Weekly Round-Up – 93

100 Thousand Poets For Change tomorrow – the extraordinary global poetry-peace celebrations, spearheaded by Michael Rothenberg and Terri Carrion, kicks off with a three-day festival at TPC’s Santa Rosa, California, Headquarters today (Friday). For details of that event, click here (for details of 100 Thousand Poets For Change click here – for a schedule of tomorrow’s multi-various happenings (way way too many to enumerate), click here  

More word on last week’s Ginsberg Recordings event.  (We posted a few images last Saturday, here). Jameson Fitzpatrick’s review of the evening (complete with further images) can now be read here).


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Mind, Mouth and Page – 56 (Petit Mal Interlude)

[August 1975, Allen’s NAROPA William Carlos Williams class (“Mind, Mouth and Page”), a temporary pause in the class as one of the students suffers a petit mal epilepsy seizure.]

AG: Maybe you better get out? – or can somebody help Tom? – and some air maybe? – What is needed? or what would be helpful? – It might be good for someone to help him out or get some air. What do you think? – It’s this room, I’m telling you. It’s really heavy in here.
Peter Orlovsky: Should we bring the fan maybe over there?
AG: Or
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Mind, Mouth and Page – 55 (Samatha)

AG: We’re on (page) 39 (of Pictures From Brueghel by William Carlos Williams). Now, does anybody know the poem by Emily Dickinson, “I heard a Fly buzz – when I died” ? Does anybody remember the full poem? ( I don’t know if we have a (copy of) Dickinson(‘s poems) around
Student: There is a copy in the library
AG: There is, ok, so we can find it.
Student: I’ll go get it.
AG: I think Deborah (sic) went to get it just now. I saw her alert body just get up there and zap out! – … Read More

Mind Mouth and Page – 54 (Whalen and Williams)

[William Carlos Williams, 1948 courtesy, Beineke Library, Yale]
[Philip Whalen, Boulder, Colorado, July 1991. c. Ginsberg Estate   ]

Student: With this concern for the workings of the mind, which you can find evidence of earlier in the poems, particularly in “The Injury”…

AG: “The Injury”?
Student: “The Injury”, particularly that..
AG: What was that? I’ve forgotten
Student: You read that (to us) last time It’s the one with, “from my hospital bed I hear an engine breathing”
AG: I hear what?
Student: I hear an engine breathing
AG: Yeah, “soft coal, soft coal, soft coal”
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Mind, Mouth and Page – 53 (Pictures from Brueghel)

AG: I’m into (William Carlos Williams‘) Pictures from Brueghel at the moment. And I have a copy of it, signed – December 24, 1964, “Hi Allen, so glad you turned up, Affectionately, Floss” – “turned up”, after being in India. Williams was dead. (I) went to see his wife and she gave me a copy of the book (or she asked me if there was any book I didn’t have). So I’ve had this copy a long time. I went through it and picked through the poems I liked.
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Ginsberg Recordings Holy Soul Jelly Roll

Ginsberg Recordings brand-new digitalized re-released recordings of Holy Soul Jelly Roll is our focus today. All four sets are now available on i-Tunes:

Steven Taylor’s piece in Reality Sandwich is an absolute must-read -“When I first heard his songs, at the performance in the spring of 1976 where I sat in on guitar, I found them fascinating”, he writes, “It was the words, the brilliance and wit of them. Words, obviously, came to him easily. He could improvise blues lyrics and rhymes endlessly..”  Holy Soul Jelly Roll is.. “a testament to and an instance of the return of poetry to

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Friday Weekly Round-Up – 92

Steve Finbow is interviewed about his latest Ginsberg biography, and his time spent (this should be linked with Bob Rosenthal’s published memoirs), in the early ’80’s, as secretarial assistant, working for Allen, up close, getting to know the real Allen. The Awl has his recollections here. There’s also (in case you missed it) Dolly Delightly’s five-star review of the book (“Resolutely straight-shooting”) here.
and it’s Ginsberg Recordings night tonight at the Rubin Museum – celebration of the complete release of Holy Soul Jelly Roll (volumes 1 and 2, following the recently-released 3 and 4). On hand … Read More

Mind, Mouth and Page – 52 (Bureaucratic Interlude)

AG (to Student): Yeah, I like these. I just rewrote one. I rewrote the short one. In the back yard? or in the front yard in the grass? or where? – Not outside? – Ah, on the balcony. Well, okay – [Allen, attending to the students’ poems] – “picks up, stuffing”, rather than “and stole some” (I think)?. I mean, he didn’t steal it, he.. what’s the physical (object here)?

Student: I know, I thought of that after I’d…
AG: I just did that one. Rachael? [ sic]? – [no answer] – How many have finished their poem?, the assignment … Read More

Mind, Mouth and Page – 51 ( Gary Snyder)

AG: In sequence to that, then, (Whitman’s Song of the Exposition) , what’s interesting is, in answer to Whitman, and in answer to Williams, a great number of poets rose to complete the study more awkwardly (and that, Williams developed a method for). And I think I remember (that) I told you that Williams got, by 1948, to Reed College and met Gary Snyder and Philip Whalen, and immediately influenced their styles, among many other poets. So, by 1955, when I was in San Francisco visiting Kenneth Rexroth, who was a correspondent of Williams, I was … Read More