Remembering Fernanda Pivano

Fernanda Pivano (1917-2009)

Fernanda Pivano, the doyenne of Italian Beat translators (seen here in 1966, famously interviewing Jack Kerouac) passed away three years ago today.
An Italian tv documentary made on the occasion of her 2004 Palazzo Bomben, Treviso show, Voci-Voices, may be viewed in its entirety here
A more recent (2010) RAI (Italian tv) profile of her, Teresa Marchesi’s Pivano Blues was developed into a successful 2011 film, see here.

Here’s Patti Smith at the 2011 Venice Film Festival saluting Nanda.

and we’ve always liked this (her image projected, omaggio, on the Milano Duomo)

see also 2019 recollections – here

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