Woody Guthrie Centennial

Woody Guthrie Centennial [2012] – We couldn’t let this one pass us by (just like we couldn’t pass by Robert Johnson’s Centennial earlier in the year). Happy 100 years old, Woody! – Here‘s a rare 1944 interview with him (on BBC children’s radio of all places!) – and here, here and here are just three of his many memorable compositions. For more Woody info’ (comprehensive resources) please head on over to woodyguthrie.org, “the official Woody Guthrie web-site”.

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  1. Thought you might be interested to hear of a copy of Howl I just bought. It's inscribed by Ginsberg to Tom Hope thanking Tom for introducing him to the poetry & music of Woody Guthrie. There's also a postcard from Ginsberg bought & posted from Okemah, Guthrie's hometown 'passing thru to see the dust of Guthrie's house & send postcards to his sons. Allen Ginsberg'.

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