More Beat Background (from Czech tv)

Victor Bockris speaks first (he’s speaking as the video begins) – “One of the most fascinating things about the Beat Generation is that those three books [Howl, On The Road, Naked Lunch] are all completely different in style, there’s no comparison in the style of them. The grouping of the Beat Generation had nothing to do with the similarity in writing, it had to do (rather) with similarity in thinking, the similarity of being, (similarity) of the soul”

The focus then turns to Jack Kerouac, and Bill Morgan takes over for the rest of the segment, lucidly setting the stage (Interspersed with recordings of Kerouac himself reading).

Also – succinct and real – Lawrence Ferlinghetti (on Kerouac) –“So he drank too much but that doesn’t make him a barbarian, he wasn’t. He was a Catholic, he was a believing, practicing, Catholic, He lived with his mother, took care of his mother. He was a home-boy. He didn’t like fame. He didn’t like the routines that he was expected to go through after he became famous. He was just a home-boy. (He) liked to stay at home.”

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