Allen Ginsberg at SGWU (Montreal) 1969 (Angkor Wat)

Yesterday, we drew your attention to Robert Creeley’s 1967 reading at SGWU (Sir George Williams University, Montreal), today we spotlight Allen’s 1969 reading from that location (introduced by George Bowering), notable, not the least, for a renditon of the important “middle-sized” poem (to give Allen’s reductive description of it), “Angkor Wat” (“I haven’t read it through but once before” (he declares). “What it is, is notations taken down in the course of one night in Cambodia, in Siem Reap, which is outside of Angkor Wat, a town outside of the ruins”). He follows this with a short poem, … Read More

Robert Creeley (1926-2005)

Master poet, Robert Creeley would have been 86 years old today. The above clip (from a 2005 reading in New York at the Cue Gallery) gives some brief sampling of his poignant lyric beauty (video of the entire reading can be accessed here). The gathering of Creeley materials at PennSound really is state-of-the-art (but we should also draw your attention to our own set of Creeley links here).
The Creeley papers (1950-1997) are in safe-keeping (as with Allen’s) at Stanford University. The Creeley library (or, at least, a substantial section of it) was recently purchased by the … Read More

Beniamino Placido on The Beat Generation (Italian tv – 1980)

Beniamino Placido in Italian (non-Italian speakers be forewarned) – a t.v. presentation from 1980 (from RAI, from Italian television). The first nine minutes sociological background may seem odd, dry – the benign scholarly Placido? (Norman Rockwell? Harry Truman? “God, Mom and Apple Pie”? (he inscribes this, somewhat surreally, on a blackboard that emerges, at the opportune moment, at his side) – but wait! – from approximately nine minutes in, it livens up.
Fernanda Pivano interviews Allen on first meeting Jack Kerouac. This is followed by priceless footage of Herbert Huncke traveling through a bombed-out ’70’s New York, … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up 74

[“Howl” wrap skirt from Los Angeles designer, Debbie Talanin, 2012]
We led off a couple of weeks back with the Allen Ginsberg poster paper dress. So here, to follow it up, is the meticulously-designed “Howl” wrap skirt! Wear-able Ginsberg!
(In that case, guess we also have to also mention, the “Howl” t-shirt, “Howl” baseball cap, and “Howl” “Onesie” (sic!) from here, and Ginsberg merchandise from here and here, (“limited availability”, like they say) – and we still really can’t bring ourselves to countenance this site!).
The second episode of Marc Olmsted’s memoirs/memories of Allen has just … Read More

Lost and Found Series 3 (Wieners & Rumaker on Ginsberg)

CUNY’s extraordinary Lost and Found series (that we’ve previously reported on here) has just released its third series of booklets. This new batch of titles consists of the following – Edward Dorn‘s Charles Olson Memorial Lectures (from 1981), Diane Di Prima‘s Charles Olson Memorial Lecture (from 1985), Poetry, Politics and Friendship in the Spanish Civil War – Langston Hughes, Nancy Cunard, and Louise Thompson (letters), Homemade Poems (a Lorine Niedecker facsimile), Selected Letters of Michael Rumaker, Letters To And From Joanne Kyger, and The Selected Correspondence of John Wieners and Charles Olson (the … Read More

Walter Salles’ On The Road (Preview)

Cannes Film Festival starts today..and Walter Salles’ eagerly-anticipated On The Road movie gets its premier there, in that prestigious location, this time next week (Wednesday May 21st). For further information and regular updates see here.

Stephen Galloway’s background piece on the movie for The Hollywood Reporter may be read here, Steve Chagollan’s (for Variety) here.
Interestingly, one of the earliest reviews (the earliest review?) and a positive one at that (alongside an hours-minutes-and-seconds “countdown clock” ticking down to the opening!) can be seen here.
In conjunction with the movie premier, the legendary On The Road Read More

Richard Avedon (1923-2004)

[“Richard Avedon, his studio, September 1984. Twenty years earlier he’d taken classic portrait of Peter Orlovsky and me naked, arms around each others’ waists. He invited us back to pose the same, older I brought my camera too”. (Ginsberg caption) c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]
Richard Avedon, classic American portrait photographer, was born on this day, May 15, in 1923 (he died in October of 2004). We take the occasion of the current major select retrospective at the Gagosian Gallery to salute him and salute the Ginsberg-Avedon relationship.
(The following excerpts from Richard Avedon: Murals & Portraits Abrams/Gagosian are entirely
Read More

1973 Jack Kerouac Conference Part Two

The remarkable Salem State College Jack Kerouac symposium. Part 2. Here’s a transcription of the first ten minutes. Gregory continuing to be mischievous again, Allen insisting, vigorously, on Kerouac’s bodhisattva quality and transcendental genius.

SS: (Steve Salvo, moderator) ..We could do with a little more order. I don’t mean to sound destructive, non-creative or non-spontaneous but I’d like very much for Allen to finish and then I’d like to address a question to Mr Holmes [John Clellon Holmes].

AG:Yeah I did want to .. I had something very definite to put forth.

GC: If this is going … Read More

1973 Jack Kerouac Conference Part 1

We’ve alerted you before to the remarkable Salem State Beat Treasures, the 1973 Salem State College Arts Festival and its focus on Jack Kerouac – the Jack Kerouac Symposium. Featured participants were Kerouac’s friends, local Lowell professor, Charles Jarvis, artist Stanley Twardowitz, biographer Aaron Latham, novelist John Clellon Holmes, Allen and Peter, and Gregory Corso. Predictably, Gregory Corso steals the limelight (or attempts to steal the limelight – we’ve seen that one before too!) – Allen: “Please..don’t interrupt my poetry”. Gregory (unrepentant): “But when I interrupt, I go fast..” The tape (part one, part two … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round Up 73

[Anne Waldman, John Giorno, William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and John Cage, on the cover of Giorno Poetry Systems 1976 recording, “Totally Corrupt” (this record features Allen reading “Please Master”, from recordings made, April 17 1975, at Columbia University, and Peter Orlovsky reading “Compost Piles”, recorded at the same date]
John Giorno’s visionary Dial-A-Poem project has been revived, as part of a show currently up at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, Ecstatic Alphabets. Ring 1-347-763-8001 (1-347-POET-oo1) if you’re in the U.S. to hear selections. Allen’s contributions are “Why is God Love, Jack?”, “Morning”, “Hare Krishna Mantra”, “Shiva”, “I’m A … Read More