Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 74

“Howl” wrap skirt from Los Angeles designer, Debbie Talanin, 2012

We led off a couple of weeks back with the Allen Ginsberg poster paper dress. So here, to follow it up, is the meticulously-designed “Howl” wrap skirt! Wear-able Ginsberg!

(In that case, guess we also have to also mention, the “Howl” t-shirt, “Howl” baseball cap, and “Howl” “Onesie” (sic!) from here, and Ginsberg merchandise from here and here, (“limited availability”, like they say) – and we still really can’t bring ourselves to countenance href=””>this site!).

The second episode of Marc Olmsted’s memoirs/memories of Allen has just appeared – Marc as film-maker (the first, you recall, had him and Allen as punk rock stars). This second episode details the making of his short film, American Mutant (made at Naropa, circa 1978, and featuring guest-appearances by Allen and Burroughs and Timothy Leary). The film may be viewed in its entirety here.

Dylan-ologist Michael Grey sets his sights on Gordon Ball’s book, East Hill Farm (“I enjoyed it immensely..What makes this so useful is the detail..It’s essential reading”)

and here‘s a belated review of Burroughs’ Letters by Benjamin Eastham from the London Spectator

The new (15-year anniversary) Big Bridge is just out, featuring all manner of goodies. including excerpts from Philip Whalen’s Journals (compiled by Brian Unger) here.

And finally, the On The Road movie. We continue the countdown.

Walter Salles discussing the film at Cannes

Carlo Marx? – remember Tom Sturridge dutifully prepping for the part.

Film opens this coming Wednesday

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