Bob Rosenthal’s Allen

Gregory Corso, Rochelle Kraut-Rosenthal, Peter Orlovsky (holding infant Aliah Rosenthal) – and Bob Rosenthal – New Mexico, Summer 1980. Bob became Allen’s secretary in 1977, and continued in that post until Allen’s death in 1997. c. The Allen Ginsberg Estate

Bob Rosenthal‘s unique, remarkable, and candid recollections of two decades working as secretary for Allen, Allen’s “right-hand man” (working out of his home/office at 437 East 12th Street), have recently (just this past week, in fact), been serialized on the NYU/ New York Times blog,  The Local East Village – [2018 update – they are now no longer available on this site, but have happily made available – here  ] – and are, quite frankly, essential reading.

Bob’s book-length manuscript, Straight Around Allen, is eagerly anticipated, but, meanwhile, we have this – (initially serialized in four parts) – a substantial preview of the materials at hand – “as told to” Daniel Maurer – [2018 update – Straight Around Allen is now readily available, published by Beatdom Books – see here]

Follow his enlightening, and entertaining, memoir – (part one) – (Bob moves to 437, Allen follows – Bob Starts Work – Allen’s Daily Routine – Allen’s Reading – The Phones – The Mail – Office Music – Allen’s Finances) – (part two) – (Allen’s East Village – The Houseguests – East 12th Street and the “Boys’ Dorm”) – (part three) – (Allen and Peter – Allen’s Other Loves – Allen in Conversation); and – (part four) – (Allen’s Addiction – The Million Dollar Question – The Gap Ad – Allen on Film – Watching Allen Work – The Last Soup – Last Poems)

see updated post on Bob’s memories of  Allen- here

Here’s Bob reading Allen’s “Who Be Kind To”


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