Bob Rosenthal’s Allen

[Gregory Corso, Rochelle Kraut-Rosenthal, Peter Orlovsky (holding infant Aliah Rosenthal) – and Bob Rosenthal – New Mexico, Summer 1980. Bob became Allen’s secretary in 1977, and continued in that post until Allen’s death in 1997. c. The Allen Ginsberg Estate]
Bob Rosenthal‘s unique, remarkable, and candid recollections of two decades working as secretary for Allen, Allen’s “right-hand man” (working out of his home/office at 437 East 12th Street), have recently (just this past week, in fact), been serialized on the NYU/ New York Times blog,  The Local East Village – [ 2018 update – they are now no longer available on this site, but have happily made available – here  ] – and are, quite frankly, essential reading.
Bob’s book-length manuscript, Straight Around Allen, is eagerly anticipated, but, meanwhile, we have this – (initially serialized in four parts) – a substantial preview of the materials at hand – “as told to” Daniel Maurer – [2018 update – Straight Around Allen is now readily available, published by Beatdom Books – see here]
Follow his enlightening, and entertaining, memoir – (part one) – (Bob moves to 437, Allen follows – Bob Starts Work – Allen’s Daily Routine – Allen’s Reading – The Phones – The Mail – Office Music – Allen’s Finances) – (part two) – (Allen’s East Village – The Houseguests – East 12th Street and the “Boys’ Dorm”) – (part three) – (Allen and Peter – Allen’s Other Loves – Allen in Conversation); and – (part four) – (Allen’s Addiction – The Million Dollar Question – The Gap Ad – Allen on Film – Watching Allen Work – The Last Soup – Last Poems)
see updated post on Bob’s memories of  Allen- here
Here’s Bob reading Allen’s “Who Be Kind To”

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