Bob Dylan’s Birthday

Allen Ginsberg, Roger McGuinn, Bob Dylan, and friends at Allen’s East 12th Street apartment, October 15, 1975 – photo: Gerard Malanga

Happy Birthday, Bob Dylan! Allen’s hero, Bob Dylan. Revisit some of our previous Dylan posts,

starting with our last year’s birthday-blast (well, of course, it just had to start with that video for Subterranean Homesick Blues!) – And check out our portfolio of these pictures of the two of them together – and then there’s also the maverick compositions, composition one and composition two. Regretfully, we can no longer show you Renaldo and Clara (tho’ we can tell you a few things about it).

Here‘s a link to Sean Wilentz’s important essay, “Bob Dylan, The Beat Generation and Allen Ginsberg’s America“.

For all your other Dylan needs (well, at least a good many of them), we enthusiastically send you off to the incomparable Expecting Rain.

Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg, outside of Albert Grossman’s house in Woodstock, 1964 – photo by Douglas Gilbert


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