Bob Kaufman (1925-1986)


[Bob Kaufman, 1985 (photograph copyright Jean D Carlisle]

[Bob & Eileen Kaufman, running off the first issue of the magazine, Beatitude – photograph copyright R.E. Johnson – photo provided courtesy the New Orleans School For The Imagination Archive and Dave Brinks ]

Bob Kaufman (1925-1986) would have been 87 today. We send you (shamelessly) to last year’s post for more links and info. And, courtesy John Sinclair and Radio Free Amsterdam, David Henderson’s definitive radio broadcast is now, happily, more freely available.


[Bob Kaufman autograph – collection of Simon Pettet]
Happy 87th birthday, Bob!

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  1. And When I die, I won’t stay dead – Billy Woodberry’s documentary from 2015 is now essential viewing and available

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