Martin Buber (1878-1965)

1961 – Allen sought out “all the holy men I could find”. “I wanted to find out if they had any suggestions. And they all did, and they were all good ones.” – “First one I saw was Martin Buber, who was interested (interesting). In Jerusalem, Peter (Orlovsky) and I went to see him – we called him up and made a date and had a long conversation. He had a beautiful white beard and was friendly, his nature was slightly austere but benevolent. Peter asked him what kind of visions he’d had and he described some he’d had … Read More

William Burroughs – Rub out The Words: Letters 1959-1974

“Dear Allen, Thanks a million for the mescaline..

“Dear Allen, You seem to be running a literary aid society (you) should incorporate and pay yourself a salary..
“Dear Allen, Sorry you have been bothered by this Tony Cole. I know that you sometimes extend charity where I would not..
Three beginnings of three letters to Allen in this delightful compendium (the Ginsberg letters are only a fragment of the correspondence (which is, in itself, only a fragment of an impossible-to-distill “complete” letters). Volume 1 (1945-59) edited by Oliver Harris came out in 1993. Volume 3, and doubtless 4, will, presumably, … Read More

William Burroughs Birthday

[Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs, Lawrence, KS, May 31, 1991. Photo probably snapped by James Grauerholz. c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

[William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg, rooftop of Burroughs’ Villa Mouniera, Tangier, Morocco, May 1957. Probably snapped by Peter Orlovsky, c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

[William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, 206 East 7th St Rooftop, New York City, Fall 1953. c Allen Ginsberg Estate]

[William Burroughs and Hal Willner, at Nelson’s Diner, Lawrence, KS July 20, 1995. photo c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

[James Grauerholz and William Burroughs, Varsity Townhouses, Boulder Colorado, July 29, 1985 c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

[ William Burroughs, reading at … Read More

More Corso at NAROPA 1975 – 4

Student: Can you read some Shelley?
Gregory Corso: Let me see. What do I know of Shelley? What’s his top-class poem? His top-class poem is “Ode To The West Wind”. Yeah, that’s a very great poem. Yeah, that’s a great one because it’s a lyric, and he puts the “I” with the lyric, it means you put yourself in it, he put himself right at the end, and he connected himself with the wind all the way – he transformed himself into the wind. Yeah, let me find that one.
Student: I’ve got it … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up 59

[ Allen Ginsberg – photo by Michele Corleone]
If the event of Allen’s pubic hair was the big story this week (“Daniel Radcliffe told not to trim his pubic hair for latest Allen Ginsberg role”) that would say much about movie-making and fatuousness. It was the big story (but a few other things, mercifully, happened). Philip Glass celebrated his 75th birthday (and premiered at Carnegie Hall, to an enraptured response, his 9th Symphony), William Burroughs’ second collection of letters, “Rub Out The Words: The Letters of William S Burroughs 1959-1974” (edited by Bill Morgan) made an … Read More

More Corso at NAROPA 1975 – 3

[Thomas Hood 1799-1845]
GC: Okay, now I’d like to revive a poet. Remember I gave you Tom Hood, the other day, right? Tom Hood – why I think he should be looked at in a kind of way where you might look at other poets that you’ve never checked out. Here we go. (Page) 282. Nobody has this book? You don’t have this book? Alright. He’s under the title of “Minor Romantic Poets”, and, dig how this dude who put this book together puts Hood down. [Gregory begins quoting from the anthology] – “Two writers who have distinguished themselves … Read More

More Corso at NAROPA 1975 – 2

Gregory Corso continues:
GC: Oh yeah, back to the ’50’s. The 50’s answered Death, definitely. (The) Atom Bomb and all that – and Death was checked out, and it was checked out to be a gimmick, it was checked out to be a Big Con, and it was laid on to people in their culture and society. Everyone, they all went, millions and millions went (and they went physically, they went through pain, they went through what is called “suffering” – (by) Buddhists and all that). So, therefore, they got stuck on Death. The Egyptians show you that and it’s … Read More

More Corso at NAROPA 1975 – 1

[Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso, Boulder, Colorado, 1974. Photo c. Rachel Homer]
A follow-up class to the one we’ve previously been serializing. Allen returns, recuperated, but Gregory still manages to take over/dominate the class!
NAROPA in 1975 transcripts.
AG: (It’s like I’m)…substituting for Gregory Corso! He may actually show up. He and (William) Burroughs went off with some friends up to the mountains and (he) actually said he’d be here, so he may come in, and I brought some of his teaching materials along.
So what did you think of his teaching?, I wonder(ed). I heard the first … Read More