Gregory Corso continues (1975 NAROPA Class – 4)

(Gregory and his delivery of random “shots” continues):

GC: I’ll give you a goodie, because I want to take it easy because I have a poetry-reading tonight, with my friend, Mr Burroughs, so I think, what I’ll do with you guys is teach you, first, divination, alright? (So, when you’re sitting somewhere, and you go with your finger – dot-dot-dot-dot, (well) then, do it!) – okay, give ’em, Gregory, the divination – It’s called “geomancy”. Anybody know what geomancy is? Geo-? What does “geo-” mean?

Student: Earth.

GC: Right on. (I tell you, they fucked around in the ‘Sixties, all these (young) people, now they want to learn!…) Geomancy, Gregory, geomancy, geomancy. I can even do it without looking at the book, but I got it here, but, here you go..this is geomancy. This is what you can do on paper with a pen, or when you’re just sitting (out) by yourself. It’s like I Ching, it’s chance, it’s throwing something, but it’s not coins, it’s this…

bam many notes?

[Gregory then proceeds to illustrate/elucidate via the blackboard]
[counting (to 12 and to 15) – vigorous making (of) marks – staccato sounds – chalk on the blackboard]
– there you go – and I’ll make a hexagram out of it
and I’ll show you what it is.

One-x, double-x, one-x, double-x, double-x – yuk, yuk! – Double-x, One-x, double-x, double-x, one-x, – that’s Rubeus. Alright, now what’s Rubeus?. I can give you all this shot, you know that?
This is the earliest thing that human beings did by chance. The Greeks (who) became the great playwrights.. (but) their paintings were kinda shoddy.. (You get) fucked by your destiny..your Sophocles.. no, Gregory not Sophocles.. Euripides, Aeschylus, even funny Aristophanes, they (were fated). And standing before it was chance – you could break your fate by chance.
Now this was my chance that I took, that I got, double-x, one-x, double-x, one-x, double-x, double-x. Rubeus? what is Rubeus, Gregory?.. Alright, Rubeus says that one plus.. one.. [continues mathematical calculations, and then pauses, confused, in front of the blackboard] how do you do plus? how do you do plus? vertical, that’s times!, I’ve forgotten plus! I’ve forgotten plus! – [ he then resumes] – one plus one, equals three. Man, Woman maketh Child make(s) third – er, Blue, Yellow maketh Green – bam – one more makes three…) – that’s Creation, that’s what Rubeus is.

Now if you check out geomancy (here). Nobody knows it, right? Anybody here know it? I’m laying the shot on you. Check out.. It’s G-E-O-M-A-N-C-Y. It’s the earliest hit on divination

Ah, I can’t continue (with) this shit. I’ll just lay something on you fast and go to the next ball-game.

Audio for this can be heard/interpreted at
beginning at approx 30-and-a-half minutes, and concluding at approx 34-and-a-half minutes in

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