Gregory Corso continues (1975 Naropa Class – 2)

GC: What do you people know zodiacally? Just the bullshit you got in the last 15 years, right? You’re all young people, and you’re brought up that the zodiac was always so – it wasn’t. In the ’50’s and the ’40’s, you didn’t hear of the zodiac. No way. It was all covered down. Right? So I think this is my last lesson I’ll give you all. Why did they call it “the Aquarian Age”?

[turns to and begins rubbing clean the blackboard]
Did you ever check it out, why it’s the Aquarian Age?

Student: End of the Pisces?

GC: End of the Pisces, right. So what does that make that? What comes after Aquarius?

=Student: Capricorn.

GC: Capricorn, right. So it makes it a Great Year. It gives it two year stars. Watch. [Gregory begins drawing on the blackboard]. It’s the Great Year it takes the Sun and the planets to go across the Milky Way (as it takes it our planet to go around the Sun), makes a year. And it’s a 12-shot. It’s a twelve years, 12-shot, Gregory.

Hold it [Corso once again, accompanying himself, drawing on the board], here’s Cap(ricorn), here would be..uh..Aquarius, here would be our Pisces, here would be Gregory, Aries. He would be Taurus, here would be Gemini, close to Cancer. Alright, here’s Cancer, there’s Leo, there’s Virgo, there’s Libra [chalk squeaks on board] – (oh, I hate that! – o god, I did it! – I used to hate when people did what I just did it!) – there comes Scorpio, beautiful Scorpio, and then Sag(ittarius) right? There you go.

Alright. Now what this teaches you is a great thing. This teaches you the progression of the elements. Fire first. Zero degrees from No-house. Bam! Aries! – You get your Earth, because Earth is the Ash of Fire, so Earth is the Child of Fire. And out of that conglom(eration) – poom! – comes your atmosphere and your vapor, which is Water. So, if you wanna know those four elements, how they start – Fire, Earth, Air, Water. And that’s the products of Earth. And it goes all around the zodiac that way. So, Fire again, and Earth, some Air, Water. Fire, Earth, Air, Water. Three, triplicities and quadruples are the zodiacal chart, which is a beautiful chart when you really check it out. The way I’m doing it is not..

Here’s another thing now you should know about, which is a heavy, and nice – and it’s easy, it’s light.. Fire, that made this thing, the Earth, Earth can douse, smoked Fire out.

The only good thing that Earth has.. that Fire has with Earth.. (is) that.. Fire made Earth, but Earth can smother Fire out. Air, Fire loves (because Fire expands in Air). All my friends are under Air signs, or Fire (signs). Water, I know, douses me out, but I can boil Water and evaporate it. See… Earth smothers me out. All I can say is, “Well, I made Earth, but he smothers me out.”

Okay, here’s a Great Year. I’ll give a Great Year. This is what just passed. Why they call it now “the Aquarian Age”. A P.. Pisces, right?, alright, here you go. Pisces just finished – fishermen, Christ – it’s 2,000 years, it’s 12,000 years a shot – it’s 24,ooo, see? (12 points, 2,ooo years a hit, makes 24 thou(sand) – that’s the Great Year). And it takes the Earth, the Sun, all the planets, to go around the mega-gal- not the mega-galaxy, the galaxy, the Milky Way (no, the mega-galaxy’s a bigger shot – but the galaxy itself, takes 24 thou(sand)). So this is how (proof, looking at history) is how you’ll know it –

Ares after, or before Pisces, was Julius Caesar, Alexander, the God of War, and all that shit. The lamb? yeah – call that Taurus, the bull – the worship of the bull in Crete – dancing over the bull. Before that, communication, Gemini – Hebrew hieroglyphics and cuneiform. Before that, the Flood – the Moon, Cancer. And you get to Gilgamesh, with the Flood in it, and the Bible. Before that now, Leo – regency, the Kings. You get the Gate at Mycenae with the two twins, the lions’ heads. Ha ha ha. You wanna go up one more with me folks? You wanna go around again, around and around and around. Wanna get right back to it again? Ha ha ha. It’s a kick, it’s a kick to teach. You guys should grow up to be teachers. Look at the ball I’m having, right? You wanna seem like dumb-asses, right?

Okay, the ball-game’s over this week. See you Wednesday. [class and tape ends here].

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