Happy Birthday Philip Glass

[Philip Glass, Kiev Restaurant, 2nd Ave & East 7th St., New York City, June 10, 1993. Photo c. Allen Ginsberg Estate.]

Philip Glass celebrates his 75th birthday tonight in New York at Carnegie Hall with a special concert (and the US premier of his 9th Symphony, expertly conducted, we don’t doubt, by Dennis Russell Davies). There’ll be more celebrations later this month, including a five-night celebration at the Park Avenue Armory, New York, (“the Tune-in Music Festival”), which will include – and we’ve mentioned this before – collaborations by Patti Smith and Philip on the 24th, and … Read More

Pacific High Studio Mantras

After the richness of the vintage Gregory Corso of the past week (and more to come), here’s a little palette-cleanser – more mantra!Pacific High Studio Mantras (“Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddi Hum”), old Tibetan mantra of Padmasambhava, tuned by Allen, recorded at Pacific High Studios, San Francisco in July of 1971 (subsequently re-mastered and released as the B-side of Arthur Russell and Allen’s collaboration, “Ballad Of The Lights”). Line up is Allen on harmonium (and vocals!), Arthur on cello, Jon Meyer on flute, John Scholle on guitar, Alan Senauke, mandolin, Peter Hornbeck, violin, and … Read More

Gregory Corso continues (NAROPA 1975 Class – 7)

[Gregory Corso, Boulder Colorado, 1974. Photo c. Rachel Homer]

Gregory Corso’s 1975 “Socratic” NAROPA class (sitting in for Allen) concludes.
Earlier segments can be read here, here, here, here, here, and here.
Student: Do you have another book coming out?
GC: If I want to. Yeah, I don’t owe anybody anything, my dear. I don’t have to bring another book out, see? – but that’s a shot, tho’, right? Who owes who what? – I figured I should get a me(d)al. I tell you, I.. A poet should get a token. At least, I … Read More

Gregory Corso continues (NAROPA 1975 Class – 6)

[Paleolithic cave painting of a shaman from the cave of Trois-Freres, near Montesquieu-Avantes in France – photo by Herbert Kraft]
GC: Alright, so what else do you want to know, you people. Top of the head. I’ll do like (William) Burroughs does now, for show, I’ll answer questions. What do you think about all that I said in this classroom today? (because that’ll eat up the time and I’ll take it easy). Anybody? (can raise their hand). Don’t be embarrassed now (because I can fuck you up, you know it!) – You know I scare people from asking questions, so … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up 58

[Hal Chase, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs, Morningside Heights, next to Columbia College, New York City, Winter 1944-45. photo c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

We first reported on this back in November (and again, a couple of weeks back), but now it’s official, Daniel Radcliffe will play the part of Allen Ginsberg in John Krokidas’ Kill Your Darlings (which begins filming on the Columbia campus this coming March). The source is casting director, Laura Rosenthal, in the Hollywood Reporter. Radcliffe himself has begun, hesitantly, speaking up. His “defence” (of taking on the role) was reported by the Read More

Gregory Corso continues (NAROPA 1975 Class – 5)

[ (alternate caption) Gregory Corso his attic room 9 Rue Git-Le-Coeur, wooden angel kid hung on wall right, window on courtyard and half block from Seine. Burroughs came to live a flight below, Peter Orlovsky & I had window on street two floors down, room with two burner gas stove where we all ate often. Gregory had “Marriage”, “Power”, “Army”, “Police”, “Hair” and “Bomb” poems ready, I began Kaddish, Peter “Frist Poem” Burroughs was shaping Naked Lunch. Paris 1957. (Ginsberg caption) photo c. Allen Ginsberg Estate)]
GC: I’ll tell you what I’ll do with you guys, and I’ve got some … Read More

Gregory Corso continues (1975 NAROPA Class – 4)

(Gregory and his delivery of random “shots” continues):
GC: I’ll give you a goodie, because I want to take it easy because I have a poetry-reading tonight, with my friend, Mr Burroughs, so I think, what I’ll do with you guys is teach you, first, divination, alright? (So, when you’re sitting somewhere, and you go with your finger – dot-dot-dot-dot, (well) then, do it!) – okay, give ’em, Gregory, the divination – It’s called “geomancy”. Anybody know what geomancy is? Geo-? What does “geo-” mean?
Student: Earth.
GC: Right on. (I tell you, they fucked around in the … Read More

Gregory Corso continues (1975 NAROPA Class – 3)


[Yoko Ono – film-still – from Film No.4 (Bottoms) (1966)]
The following is more follow-up/continuation of the previously-published June 9 1975 Gregory Corso class (Gregory, sitting in for Allen Ginsberg at the NAROPA Institute), which we’ve been serializing here, here and also here.
The tape begins in media res
GC: …yeah that sucks, I don’t wanna (have) no “assistants” here. [to Student] You weren’t here last time?
Student: Yes I was.

GC: You were? Oh, wow!

There was a … Read More

Alan Ansen (1922-2006)

[“Old friend poet-secretary Alan Ansen (who typed manuscript of Naked Lunch in Tangier over a quarter century earlier) visiting from Athens where he expatriates, Henry Geldzahler’s back patio, West 9th St. New York City, the afternoon before Francesco Clemente‘s double vernissage Mary Boone/Leo Castelli Galleries, March 30, 1985.” (Ginsberg caption) – photo c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

Alan Ansen, born January 23, 1922, poet, playwright, erudite scholar, Beat associate, cosmopolitan, had he lived, would have been 90 years old today.
Allen famously declared him to be “the most delicate hippopotamus of poets”.
Commenting on the 1989 Selected Poems, Contact Highs,
Read More

Sebastian Piras -Taylor Mead and Allen Ginsberg, 1997 (ASV #29)

Sebastian Piras’ 1997 footage of Taylor Mead and Allen Ginsberg provides a rare (unique?) glimpse into Allen’s new (13th Street) loft, the one that he spent (sadly and tragically) so little time in, the place where, it turned out, he went to die (see Jonas Mekas’ harrowing Last Days of Allen Ginsberg” documentary and Colin Still’s “No More To Say And Nothing To Weep For” for more from this setting).
Allen arrives in the loft to find Taylor Mead already there:
AG: Hi
TM: Hi Allen. I’m stealing your Dream – your “Rice Dream”!
AG: It’s very good. Have … Read More