Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 50

Gog and Magog. Gog and Magog. Armageddon did the Job” – that’s the voice of David Shapiro (and glimpses too of David Amram, Joyce Johnson, Ann Douglas, and others from this video footage of the Columbia (University’s) Alumnae Association’s annual Beat hommage (“A Celebration of Columbia’s Beats”), held earlier this year. The line is, of course, from “Hum Bom!” (included in Cosmopolitan Greetings). Here’s footage of Allen reading that poem, on stage, in London).

Allen’s lovely spidery scrawl. We’ve not much to add, but here’s a four-page typically-exhaustive (exhausting?) fax sent to Claudio Willer, his Portuguese translator, in 1984, in anticipation of further editions of his poems.

Archive goodies. Included in Alan Sykes’ Guardian piece this week about the legendary English venue, Mordern Tower, is a shot of Allen in Newcastle in 1965, alongside Basil Bunting, along with this direct quote – “Greeted at Newcastle Central Station by the most furious display of gnostic graffiti in the gentleman’s room walls than I had ever seen on the planet. I realized for certain that the bardic rituals of Mordern Tower were not merely the property of youthful cognescenti continuing traditions of old, but the magic enacted in the Tower articulated the unconscious of the entire city, slumbering in the mechanic illusions of the century”. And again, ” I learned more reading at Mordern Tower than I had at a hundred universities.”

That copy (first edition) of Howl that we mentioned two weeks back that went up for auction – estimate $5000-$7500 – it sold for $5768.
Allen’s soup (borscht) recipe that we also mentioned here is still available (estimated price $382.50)

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