Allen and Music (Harvey Kubernik 1996 Interview)

Holy Soul Jelly Roll 4 CD boxed set produced by Hal Willner, Rhino Records, 1994

Ballad of the Skeletons, Allen Ginsberg with Lenny Kaye, Philip Glass, Paul McCartney, Marc Ribot and David Mansfield, produced by Lenny Kaye, mixed by Hal Willner. Mercury/Mouth Almighty, 1996

Another fugitive interview and a good one we think. From October 1996. Interviewer, Harvey R Kubernik writes:

“While Ginsberg’s considerable literary reputation has been chronicled and discussed for years, the media has never really documented (his) links to music, and his recording process, the actual collision of melody and words… I talked to him one late afternoon in Rhino Records’ conference room in Westwood, California and later we concluded the extensive interview by phone from New York City… An abridged version of this interview appeared in 1996 in Hits Magazine and an edited version appeared in the Los Angeles Times Calendar, April 1997.

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