Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 44

Like today, daddy-o, is supposed to be Talk-Like-A-Beat day! Here’s the David Barnett article that started it all. Here’s another pitch for it – on  The Beat Poets of the Forever Generation [2018 update – regrettably this link is no longer available] Here’s a judicious qualification by Ian Crouch in The New Yorker – “Talk Like a Beat Day is a good idea, if it nudges us back to the rich sources that were later obscured by parody”, Crouch writes. We agree. We’ve got nothing against Maynard G Krebs (you dig?, a cool, a very cool cat), just don’t go confusing it/him with the real thing.

Speaking of Beats – and the real thing – a sweet note this week from Jonathan Lethem about  Herbert Huncke

Barry Miles, Allen’s biographer (one of Allen’s biographers) joins the irrepressible Michael Horowitz and Roger Elsgood to celebrate the Allen of the Indian Journals at the South Asian Literature Festival in London this upcoming weekend.

meanwhile, also this weekend, in Portland, Oregon, at the Portland Art Museum, a special screening of our good friend Jerry Aronson’s definitive The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg (“Jerry spent ten years accumulating more than 120 hours of film to fashion (t)his comprehensive, award-winning portrait”). Film-maker will be present

.and this coming Thursday in Pittsburgh (if you happened to be in Pittsburgh!), the Carnegie Library presents – “3 Poems by Allen Ginsberg” (Poetry Discussion Group)

Now, in conclusion, and for your elucidation, and to get you through the day, here’s the Hip Semantic – the Hipesaurus [2018 update – regrettably, this link isn’t working either, tho’  see – here]  (courtesy the great Lord Buckley).

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