Andrea Zanzotto (1921-2011)

“We die neither blest/ nor with curse confessed/ wanting Earth’s worst Best:/ But return, / where all Beauties rest.” (Allen Ginsberg – The Rune (from “Contest of Bards”)

We learn today of the passing of Andrea Zanzotto, “the last survivor of a great generation of 20th century writers in Italy”. He’d been ailing. He was 90 years old. Allen was honored to share the bill with him in 1995 in Conegliano (at the tribute that year for translator, and mutual friend, Fernanda Pivano).
The Zanzotto and Ginsberg sets are presented and contrasted above.

Here’s the word from Italian tv

Here’s obituary notices from three of the leading Italian newspapers – Corriere Della Sera, La Repubblica, and La Stampa.

Here‘s Zanzotto receiving the Holderlin Prize  2005

Interviews with Zanzotto  here and  here

Marco Paolini’s 2009 portrait is also well worth watching (for those who have Italian – and even those who don’t have Italian!).

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