Kevin Courrier ’80’s Interview

Kevin Courrier

An interview from the ’70’s, an interview from the 90’s, here’s an interview from the ’80’s, Allen Ginsberg speaking with Kevin Courrier, in 1982, on the radio in Toronto, on “the legacy of the 60’s”, “with cultural change in mind” (altho’ Allen keeps it firmly in the right-now).

“When I met him in 1982”, Courier informs us, “he (Allen) was in Toronto to give a reading and perform some songs he wrote with the local punk band, The Diodes. He was also promoting a book that addressed the demise of the underground press, once again speaking out against censorship. As he walked into the studio, dressed sharply in a custom-made suit and tie, he didn’t look like the bearded long-haired bard who once confronted an army troop train of soldiers bound for Vietnam with chants of “Hare Krishna”…”
Courrier continues. The introduction and the full interview can be accessed here.

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