Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 42

A short clip from an “historical interview” (with Barry Silesky), originally recorded in 1988 and re-edited in 2004, posted on the site of the Video Data Bank

“In 1968 52 percent of the American people had thought (that) the (Vietnam) war was always a mistake, according to Gallup. By 1968, the Left, with a majority behind it, was still saying kill the middle class, bring the war home, carry the Vietcong flag, and so offended the middle class they couldn’t lead the middle class out of the war the middle class were in favor of getting out, particularly, a couple of million people on the Left refused to vote, and the Left still hasn’t acknowledged its own culpability in that, still wants to be right.”

We wish they’d post the rest of it.

And while we’re at it, what about this little vintage clip of ’60’s Allen chanting in London in 1967 and a hippy couple’s pro-pot sentiments (courtesy of Getty images)

Not strictly Ginsberg-centric, in fact not really about Allen at all, we nonetheless thought we’d draw your attention to this documentary (from Australian radio) on “America’s Beat Writers in Mexico“. Jorge Garcia Robles, author of Burroughs y Kerouac: dos forasteros perdidos in Mexico, “knew both men and talks about their time in Mexico”.

Another great intime of the Beats was much-missed Fernanda Pivano. We earlier profiled her, here, and here. Teresa Marchesi’s ‘Nanda Pivano movie (Pivano Blues – On Nanda’s Road) recently debuted at the Venice Film Festival. Early reviews are great. Here’s one from The Hollywood Reporter

Oops! missed William Carlos Williams (128th) birthday last Saturday!
We’ll make it up to you with a Williams posting tomorrow, Bill!

Today’s birthday is none other than Ray Charles

(and John Coltrane!)

Tomorrow, Saturday September 24 – 100 Thousand Poets For Change

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