Allen Ginsberg – 500th Posting

[*Ginsberg en la piel…” (Ginsberg tattoo), 2011 – photo by Erix Pearl via Flickr]
“The weight of the world/ is love/ Under the burden/ of solitude,/ under the burden of dissatisfaction/ the weight,/ the weight we carry/ is love”.
Since Ginsberg-tattoo postings seem (curiously?) among our most popular postings, what better way to celebrate the 500th posting here on The Allen Ginsberg Project than this – another posting of a picture of a “tat”.
Another “tat”, coming off of that same poem, may be viewed here.
Not to forget the “queer shoulder” (don’t miss “Jon”s follow-up comment too!)
And “cosmicbrownie” recently had the Harry Smith Buddha’s Footprint logo inked.
Let us know if you know of any more.
[2012 update – we’ve done a little cleaning-up, deleting a few redundant back posts, so this may not now be strictly post number 500 (as if such enumeration mattered!), anyway, rest assured in the knowledge that it once was!)

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