The End of The American Century (Ginsberg Challenges and Laments)

Surfacing, fittingly, over the July 4 weekend, this short clip, courtesy Chicago’s MediaBurn Archive. Not completely sure of the date on this, but it is, in every sense, late. Allen speaks, dispirited, defeated (almost), directly to the camera, of the destruction wrought, of culpability/responsibility, with a series of rhetorical questions:
“Those of the moral majority and fundamentalist persuasion, who are worried about showing a little eros or sex on television, how do you feel about showing all this government violence?, do you think that justified? Is that your morality? Is that what it boils down to? and you, middle … Read More

Doesn’t Everybody Want To Save The World?

One “streaming video” that curiously escaped our notice (buried, as it was, in the depths of the Internet Archive, is this one, Allen from 1991, interviewed by Lewis MacAdams, and performing with bass player Don Was, as part of the Deep Dish cable tv series – The Lannon Foundation Presents Writers Uncensored – this episode, Allen Ginsberg – Doesn’t Everybody Want To Save The World?
The program opens with a close-up of Allen.
LM: I mean, over all these years, all these images of “Allen Ginsberg” have been put back at you from worlds media, and I’m
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Friday’s Weekly Round-Up 31

Bob Rosenthal, “poet and writer, long-time secretary for Allen, and Trustee of the Allen Ginsberg Trust”, leads off this Friday’s weekly Round-Up, reading Allen’s remarkable 1965 poem, “Who Be Kind To”. Allen’s own reading of the poem can be accessed here. Harry Fainlight, dedicatee of the poem, can be seen, in sweet confusion, here. The poem itself may be read here (just scroll down, it’s right below another lively Ginsberg text, “Come All Ye Brave Boys”). There was also a classic Wes Wilson poster of the poem published in that same year by San Francisco’s Cranium Press … Read More