Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 34

Allen Ginsberg – painting by Chris O’Neal – from Howl! Festival – Art Around The Park, 2011

First, belatedly, to note the recent Ginsberg meme – substitute “Murdoch” for “Moloch” in Howl. Here‘s Mitch Myers proposal of the “Mash-Up” (from the Hollywood Reporter)..

and here‘s Dennis Potter’s scathing indictment of (Rupert) Murdoch a good many years earlier, 1994, to be precise, in his haunting last interview

We were also unnerved by this photographic evidence!

Most “mashers” seem to be content with using James Franco’s recitation of Howl. We would, of course, draw your attention to this – and, indeed, this. ┬áIndeed, check out all the various versions of Allen’s most celebrated poem

Our friend, Michael Rothenberg reminds us of the gathering energies for (only a couple of months away) – September 24th – an ambitious international declaration – 100 Thousand Poets For Change
“Poets around the world are planning individual events to take place simultaneously on that date in a demonstration/celebration of poetry to promote social and political change”.
“So far, over 325 cities, representing 65 countries have signed up to make this global initiative a success,through poetry readings, political demonstrations, community picnics, awareness events, parades and more”.

More details (including details on the multiple events and locations) may be found on their web-site here

– and here are daily news updates.

Eliot Katz’s “Ginsberg Turn On” (we mentioned it last week) is now up and available here

Upcoming soon – publication of Allen’s 1975 lecture, Spiritual Poetics (more details on that forthcoming)

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