Announcing Spiritual Poetics

Allen Ginsberg with Anne Waldman at NAROPA Institute 1975 (in the background, dancers Douglas Dunn and Barbara Dilley) – photo by Rachel Homer copyright

Announcing the upcoming (on-line) publication of the first chapter of a long-awaited and crucial project – Allen Ginsberg’s Selected NAROPA Lectures 1975-1997.

The very first of these lectures – on “Spiritual Poetics” – delivered on this very day, thirty-seven years ago – will be serialized, in this space, (the Allen Ginsberg blog), throughout the up-coming week(s)

We at the blog, wish to salute, at the outset, the tireless and heroic work, accomplished over many years now (dogged and patient transcription of priceless archival recordings) by Ginsberg-scholar, friend, and true disseminator of the dharma, Randy Roark.
Transcriptions originally made by him have been only lightly edited. The texts will, simultaneously, be made available – as they appear – on our web-site, Allen Ginsberg dot org

Allen: “The title of the course is “Spiritual Poetics”, which was just a spontaneous title arrived at when we had to have a title, but it might as well be used. And we’re beginning with considerations of breath, considerations of vowel, and the relationship between vowel and intelligence, vowel and soul. I’ll try to define more clearly the words I’m using..”

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