Jerry Aronson Meets Allen Ginsberg

We’ve been soliciting (in case you weren’t aware) Ginsberg encounters. Here’s a remarkable account from filmmaker Jerry Aronson:
First Meeting With Allen – Jerry Aronson

The first word I heard Allen Ginsberg utter rescued me from disaster. It might very well be that the simple sound of this two-letter word saved my life. It certainly changed it. It was 1968, Chicago, during the now infamous Democratic Convention. I was in graduate school, and although I opposed the war in Vietnam, I was not a protestor. I was a photographer and a beginning filmmaker. I grabbed my Canon 35mm still

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Annotated Streaming Video 4 (City Lights Footage) (ASV4)

After a brief hiatus, we’re back with our series – Annotated Streaming Videos. For the first three posts see here, here and here
So, next up, the wonderful 1965 City Lights Bookstore footage (often trumpeted on the internet due to the appearance of Neal Cassady in it, as “rare” – it is in its own way, it’s true, but if it appears on the internet, doesn’t that make such designation something of an oxymoron?)
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Allen Ginsberg: A Lifetime Briefly in Images

Continuing our birthday celebration into the weekend, here’s a random smattering of images of Allen throughout his lifetime from our collection. Starting off with an early photo-booth shot of Allen and his brother Eugene, whose birthday we should mention is tomorrow. Born five years and two days apart, they often spent their birthdays together. Eugene, a poet as well (some even say the better poet!), is seen below, not long after returning from WWII where he served in a radar unit in France and Germany and was then discharged not long after the photo was taken.

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Happy 85th Birthday Allen Ginsberg

And now, for the annual Kousa Dogwood photo. Following a tradition started in 1975 of planting flowering trees commemorating writers in the garden at St Mark’s Church in New York City’s East Village, friends of the Poetry Project at St Mark’s, planted a Kousa Dogwood tree in memory of Allen. The tree, planted in April 1999, next to similar trees for Ted Berrigan, Michael Scholnick, Frank O’Hara, W.H. Auden, and Paul Blackburn, blooms every year right around his birthday, June 3. The tree is getting so much larger, along with the trees around it, such that it’s difficult to get … Read More

A Thursday Round Up

[The Ginsberg visage looming colorfully over First Avenue & East 9th St, New York City, announcing this weekend’s upcoming Howl Festival. Art by Chico]
A Thursday Round-Up instead of a Friday Round-Up today, in preparation for tomorrow, June 3 -“the big day” – what would have been Allen’s 85th birthday!

Howl Festival in full array, kicks off tomorrow, Friday-night, in Tompkins Square Park, “just before dusk”, with the annual group-reading of the poem, “conducted in a symphonic manner”, by Bowery Poetry Club’s Bob Holman, and featuring, this year, amongst others, Ed Sanders, Steven Taylor, Eliot Katz, Hettie Jones, Bob

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Nanao Sakaki

[from the left: Tenseki IIdaka , Sogyu Fukumura,Nanao Sakaki and Allen Ginsberg at Mihama Nuclear Power Plant, Japan, October 1988. Photo by Hitomi Watanabe.]
Strange, Strange
Each woman is a beauty
Why do we need Miss Universe?
Each person is a treasure for his nation & the world
Why do we need the National Living Treasure?
Each mountain is wonderful
Why do we need One Hundred Great Mountains?
Everything on earth is the sun’s heritage
Why do we need the World Natural Heritage Parks?
The sun can live Ten Billion years.
How long will Japan survive –
Nobody knows.
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