Happy 85th Birthday Allen Ginsberg

And now, for the annual Kousa Dogwood photo. Following a tradition started in 1975 of planting flowering trees commemorating writers in the garden at St Mark’s Church in New York City’s East Village, friends of the Poetry Project at St Mark’s, planted a Kousa Dogwood tree in memory of Allen. The tree, planted in April 1999, next to similar trees for Ted Berrigan, Michael Scholnick, Frank O’Hara, W.H. Auden, and Paul Blackburn, blooms every year right around his birthday, June 3. The tree is getting so much larger, along with the trees around it, such that it’s difficult to get a long shot without losing it in the forest.

A couple more shots that Bob Rosenthal snapped this morning as the first morning light was hitting the tree.

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