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Dustin Hoffman reading Ginsberg’s Spontaneous Mind Photo by Lawrence Schwartzwald via jacket2.org

Is that Dustin Hoffman clutching a copy of Spontaneous Mind – Selected Interviews 1956-1998? Why, we do believe it is. There is, of course, a back story.

And is that Allen and that loveable psycho-killer, Dexter (otherwise known as our good friend, the talented actor, Michael C Hall)? – also in the snapshot is Ben Schafer, Michael’s friend (and, subsequently, Allen’s editor at Da Capo) and Ben’s father, Michael Schafer). Back in 1994 when Ben’s mother took this shot, we don’t think any of them could have imagined Dexter was in the future! (This was even prior the enormously-successful HBO hit, Six Feet Under).

Michael C Hall, Michael Schafer, Ben Schafer, Allen Ginsberg, 229 East 10th St., July 1994, Photo: Marianne Schafer

Zeitgeist miscellanea.

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