Friday’s Weekly Round-Up 25

Natalie Goldbergs “Talk When You Talk, Cry When You Cry: Thoughts On My Teacher is old news (it was written in 2006) but, in that felicitous phrase of Ezra Pound’s, it’s “news that stays news”.  “He’s been dead for nine years”, she writes (it’s fourteen now) “and I miss him..”..All over again I want to honor him..” Well, honor him we will/honor him we do. His 85th birthday is coming up. The Bob Holman-inspired “Ginsberg Turn On’s” have begun (an initiative we noted here earlier) – Sophia Holman dons glasses to read, flawlessly, Allen’s poem, “The End”, Hettie Jones, earlier in the week, kicked off the series. There will be regular Tuesday-night Ginsberg promotions at New York’s Bowery Poetry Club – and on the weekend of Allen’s birthday (June 3,4,5), in New York’s East Village, not unintentionally timed – the annual HOWL! Festival (the recently-launched HOWL! Festival blog can be accessed here).

Meanwhile, as an adjunct to this, CA Conrad continues to build up his video side-show – Jupiter 88 – Allen Ginsberg Edition. David Wolach, Frank Sherlock, Trisha Low, Dorothea Lasky, Jason Zuzga, Julia Bloch and Sarah Dowling, are the most recent contributors. Stay tuned for more.

If you happen to be in the vicinity of Boulder, Colorado, this weekend, don’t miss two important screenings of a special double-feature at the recently-opened Boedecker Theater – Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman’s “Howl” and Jerry Aronson’s “The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg“. This will mark the first time these two films have been shown together, as well as the first time that the Boedecker has hosted a filmmaker to discuss his work (Aronson will be on hand to answer questions after both the Sunday the 15th, and Monday the 16th, 6 o’clock showings)
and next Tuesday (the 17th) if you’re in New York, don’t miss Bill Morgan and Hettie Jones in conversation at the St Marks Bookshop (31 Third Avenue (at 9th Street). The two will be discussing Beat Atlas, Bill’s most recent book.

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