Silberman on Conners on Ginsberg & Leary

Allen Ginsberg, Peggy Hitchcock, Timothy Leary and Lawrence Ferlinghetti, San Francisco, 1963. Photographer unknown. Courtesy Allen Ginsberg Collection/Stanford University

The Plot to Turn on the World: The Leary/Ginsberg Acid Conspiracy

Our good friend, Steve Silberman, has just posted an extensive interview on his Neurotribes blog with Peter Conners, author of Ginsberg/Leary biography White Hand Society. Steve is master of the interview and this one is no exception. [2019 – Regrettably this interview is no longer available on Neurotribes but it is available here]

Though for certain Steve will fill you in, you can check out the table of contents and the first two chapters from Conners’ book here. Recent reviews (as we’ve previously noted) can be found here, here, and here. And, here, from last year, is our own posting, on the occasion of, what-would-have-been, Timothy Leary‘s 90th birthday.

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