[Allen Ginsberg, Kansas, 1966. photographer unknown]

Allen’s November 1966 Atlantic Monthly piece on marijuana –The Great Marijuana Hoax: First Manifesto to End The Bringdown was recently re-published as Time Travel: Allen Ginsberg on Marijuana Tourism, 1966, with a brief introduction by Daniel Fromson. “Ginsberg offers a portrait”, Fromson writes, “of America’s pre-Summer of Love fear of marijuana, dismisses images of crazed “dope fiends” as “palpable poppycock,” and explains why smoking weed in the U.S. often induces paranoia (“The anxiety was directly traceable to fear of being apprehended and treated as a deviant criminal; put thru the hassle of … Read More

Anne Waldman

[Allen Ginsberg & Anne Waldman, Vienna, 1993. Schule für dichtung Wien]


Indefatigeable, irrepressible, poet, teacher and activist, Anne Waldman, Allen’s ‘spiritual wife’, is 66 today. Auspicious numbers. Here‘s Anne, from 2006, reading her memorial poem for Allen, “Notes on Sitting Beside A Noble Corpse”. Here she is with Steven Taylor, and Tyler Burba, sounding out Allen’s Gospel Noble Truths. Here ‘s her and Allen at NAROPA in 1975, vintage audio, (Allen reads “Howl” and Anne reads “Fast Speaking Woman”). Here‘s the home-page for the NAROPA Summer Writing Program. Here‘s a link to her … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up 19

So, more On The Road movie updates. It seems now almost certain that the movie will have a Fall 2011/early 2012 debut, not a Cannes May 2011 unveiling, as had first been thought. Similarly, director Walter Salles’ original vision of a film solely in black-and-white, something, according to Indiewire, he had “valiantly campaigned for”, seems to have been jettisoned for a full-color movie.

Jose Rivera, the screenwriter, let slip on Canadian television, shortly after the wrap-up in shooting, at the end of last year, that, “there’s a lot of the original book still in the screenplay, still in the

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