Henry Ferrini – Kerouac and Olson

Henry Ferrini‘s impressionistic evocative Lowell Blues (2000) is a honeyed melancholic visual poem (somewhat imposed upon in this version by Journeyman Pictures intrusive logo!), with home-town boy Jack Kerouac’s words always at the center, featuring Lee Konitz’s mournful alto sax, and distinctive readings of Kerouac’s distinctive prose, by such distinctive voices as (those clearly belonging to) Robert Creeley, Gregory Corso, Carolyn Cassady, Johnny Depp, David Amram.. We even catch isolated fragments of Kerouac himself.

Henry’s most recent (2007) movie about the great poet-historian Charles Olson and his home town, the fishing port of Gloucester, Massachusetts, can be viewed, in its entirety, here (Tom Cheetham has a useful collection of Olson resources, should, after this, you want to look a little deeper into Olson – And to look deeper into Kerouac? – well, the folks at Kerouac.com  (The Beat Museum) seem to know a fair deal).

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