Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 20

Hal Chase, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs, Morningside Heights, New York City. Photograph possibly snapped by Joan Burroughs, winter 1944-45 c. Allen Ginsberg Estate
Love Always, Carolyn, Swedish film makers, Maria Ramstrom and Malin Korkeasalo’s full-length documentary feature on Carolyn Cassady, premieres in New York at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 23.
The Whole Shot: Collected Interviews with Gregory Corso continues to add to its trove of treasures. “This will be”, the publishers point out, “the first time that several interviews with the late Beat poet will be available in one printed volume. Similar works have been published for the other three members of the (Beat) “inner circle”: Empty Phantoms:Interviews and Encounters with Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg: Spontaneous Mind: Selected Interviews 1958-1996, and Burroughs Live: The Collected Interviews of William S Burroughs 1960-1997” – but, so far, no Gregory.. Come on, let’s get that remedied!
The Allen Ginsberg Project salutes our good friend, David Cope. Congratulations on being made Poet Laureate of Grand Rapids, David!
Tomorrow (April 9) in Columbia City Seattle, the “Annual Allen Ginsberg Memorial Open Mic Poetry Marathon” takes place again “featuring music from Band of Poets and Quixote Radio, readings from the work of Allen Ginsberg, open mic and much more”. Might this be a “Ginsberg turn on”?
Did we mention Oliver Harris’ recent lecture at Columbia on “The Beats, The French , and The American Century“? No we didn’t and we should have done. On this occasion, he floated the idea that quite possibly it was Joan Vollmer who took the photograph above, hitherto listed as ‘unknown’ from ‘Ginsberg Collection.’

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