Allen Ginsberg’s Parinirvana

14 years ago today Allen died (in his recently-purchased New York City (East Village) loft, surrounded by a select circle of family and friends. Here’s Rosebud Pettet’s lucid description of that occasion Here’s Colin Still’s and Jonas Mekas’ documentary footage. Here’s Gelek Rinpoche’s first hand account- [this link is no longer available but see –  here]
“I wrote my own funeral poem”.,. Allen told him, shall I read it to you?

[“Gone Gone GoneCollected Poems 1947-1997 NY, Harper Perennial 2006]

Allen, of course, is far from gone, his spirit lives on with the flowering dogwood each year.

For more memorials/tributes (an extensive list of memorials/tributes) scroll down on the list on the right hand side of this page. [update 2017 – this feature is no longer available, but boundless resources available on]


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