Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 17

Allen Ginsberg, QE2, Albany, NY 11/29/90 – photo by Dan Wilcox

Dan Wilcox is the host of the “Third Thursday Poetry Night” at the Social Justice Center in Albany, upstate New York, and is a member of the poetry performance group “3 Guys from Albany”. As a photographer, he claims to have “the world’s largest collection of photos of unknown poets”. That may or may not be true, but he also has fine snaps of some familiar faces. Numero Cinq on-line magazine graciously showcases his Ginsberg, Ferlinghetti and More” portfolio.

Rick Schober in Massachusetts is working on an interesting project. He recently put up a promotional video about it [no longer available]. His Vox Redux Press [subsequently named Tough Poets Press] plans to be publishing The Whole Shot: Collected Interviews With Gregory Corso. The video gives a short overview of Corso’s life as well as details about the book.

AG, June 2, 1966. From a footnote sent, following his interview (with Tom Clark) to “the readers of the Paris Review“:”..I tried small doses of LSD twice in secluded tree and ocean cliff haven at Big Sur. No monster vibration, no snake universe hallucinations. Many tiny jeweled violet flowers along the path of a living brook that looked like Blake’s illustration for a canal in grassy Eden: huge Pacific watery shore, Orlovsky waves, titanic cliffs that Wordsworth mentioned in his own Sublime, great yellow sun veiled with mist hanging over the planet’s oceanic horizon. No harm. President Johnson that day went into the Valley of Shadow operating room because of his gall bladder and Berkeley’s Vietnam Day Committee was preparing anxious manifestos for our march toward Oakland police and Hells Angels. Realizing that more vile words from me would send out physical vibrations into the atmosphere that might curse poor Johnson’s flesh and further unbalance his soul, I knelt on the sand surrounded by masses of green bulb-headed Kelp vegetable-snake undersea beings washed up by last night’s tempest, and prayed for the President’s tranquil health..”We note, of course, in passing, the death last week of Owsley Stanley

Here’s Allen readingFirst Party At Ken Kesey’s With Hell’s Angels

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