Naropa Summer Writing Program Schedule

This is as good a time as any to remind everyone about the legendary Naropa Summer Writing Program and lay down this summer’s list of visiting luminaries.

Week 1 (June 13–19) titled “Gender & Hybridity, and Should We Consider the Cyborg?” brings you the likes of Ana Bozicevic & Amy King, Rebecca Brown, Melissa Buzzeo, Samuel R. Delany, Rob Halpern, Bhanu Kapil, Erica Kaufman, Akilah Oliver, Maureen Owen, Vanessa Place, Max Regan, Julia Seko, giovanni singleton & others.

Week 2 (June 20–26) titled “Fictions: The Story (Narrative and Anti-Narrative)” has Anselm Berrigan, Junior Burke, Rikki Ducornet, Colin Frazer, C.S. Giscombe, … Read More

Allen Ginsberg on Penn Sounds

Allen Ginsberg’s page on the incomparable audio archive PennSound has just been updated with a newly-segmented 1971 recording (from the reel-to-reel collection of Robert Creeley)

As Michael S Hennessey at PennSound Daily points out:

Creeley’s scant notations on the tape indicate the location of these recordings as San Francisco’s Intersection for the Arts in August 1971, and it appears, from Ginsberg’s comments, that these sixteen tracks were part of two, or perhaps three, readings with the split coming between tracks 11 and 12. The final track, an excerpt from “Howl, Part I” has a different sonic character than the reset

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Friday’s Weekly Round-Up 12

lettersEllen Pearlman‘s recent review of Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg: The Letters in the current Brooklyn Rail, reminded us again (as if we needed reminding!) of the centrality and importance of that book. We noted it here last year, both pre-publication, Publisher’s Weekly, and post-publication (a whole slew of reviews, seven in fact, including two in the New York Times!). Amplifying that link that leads you to those reviews, here’s links to a whole bunch more. Michael Dirda’s review in The Washington Post can be found here. Donald Faulkner for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, here, Paul … Read More

Jerry Aronson, Johanna Demetrakas and Alex Gibney

All of this talk about Howl (and rightly so) but let us not forget, arguably, the film on Allen, Jerry Aronson’s 1994 award-winning documentary, The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg just re-issued a few years back as a deluxe two-disc set that includes loads of goodies, interviews, with the likes of Andy Warhol, Yoko Ono, Bono, rare footage, out-takes etc., 6 hours of newly updated and previously-unseen footage. Here’s a recent interview with Jerry talking about the making of that film, along with with some curious insights into how he finally decided on the film’s format. It’s bookended by … Read More


Right now in Jim’s Coffee House in downtown, Elyria, Ohio an attempt is being made on the world-record for a marathon, non-stop, poetry-reading. “Snoetry 2: A World Record Winter Wordfest — 150 Hours of Poetry”, organized by Diane Borsenik and her poetry partner John Burroughs (no relation!), began last Wednesday, and is scheduled to go on through till Tuesday, just before mid-night, in an attempt to break the record of 120 hours, set last April by Kansas City’s redoubtable Prospero’s Books.

What pleases us is that Dianne Borsenik’s reading of the complete Howl kicked off the event. … Read More

William and Allen

[“Allen Ginsberg with His Own Portrait of [William S.] Burroughs”; from the series Particular Voices: Portraits of Gay and Lesbian Writers. Gelatin silver print, 1986. Robert Giard (American, 1939–2002)]

[A great moment in time caught forever. Beat Generation founders William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg wearing old fashion cotton PJ’s with big buttons, in William’s house. Photograph by Pat Elliott, all rights reserved, used with permission.]

[William Burroughs, 11pm late March 1985, being driven home to 222 Bowery. Experimenting with hand held half second Roloflex exposure camera upside down for view, Burroughs phantom in street light stop sign illumination … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up 11

[Allen Ginsberg & Neal Cassady, San Francisco 1955. Photo likely snapped by Natalie Jackson, Neal’s girlfriend at the time. c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

Neal Cassady

It’s Neal Cassady celebration today both in San Francisco (at the 6th Annual Birthday Bash at the Beat Museum, and in Denver (Neal’s hometown) at the Mercury Cafe. Al Hinkle (Big Ed Dunkel from On the Road) will be appearing at the San Francisco event, while Neal’s children, John Allen Cassady and Jami Cassady, along with special guest David Amram, will be celebrating their father’s birthday in Denver. The Denver Post has a useful piece … Read More

Harry Smith Would Have Loved This

We’re not in the habit (no?) of posting “personal videos” but were curiously transfixed by this

Meanwhile. more seriously, for those of you in London on Wednesday night, Iain Sinclair. Mark Ford and Jack Underwood are at The South Bank Centre, as part of the Special Edition series, presenting Allen Ginsberg and The Story of Howl (hopefully from a more human perspective!)

Meanwhile Howl the movie (and now DVD) continues to draw raves. It’ll be opening later this month in the UK – and don’t forget, its star, in a few weeks time, will be co-hosting the Oscars!… Read More