James Franco/Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg/James Franco juxtaposition

Regina Weinreich in the Huffington Post has it right, speaking of the zeitgeist, Allen is pretty ubiquitous at the moment. Who would have thought?, Allen at the Oscars!. Well, not Allen exactly, but James Franco, who so remarkably “has him down” in the film role and is co-hosting the Oscar ceremonies tonight. Here’s he and Jon Hamm talking about the (Howl) film last year at the Sundance Film Festival. [2015 update – regrettably this video is no longer available] Franco was, interestingly, interviewed, not only about this role, but also about his upcoming role as another great modernist poet, Hart Crane, this weekend in the LA Times

There’s another interesting interview with Franco on line at The Jewish Chronicle

And regarding Howl movie, we really would be remiss if we didn’t alert you to this – ID’s interview with our very own Peter Hale  [2018 update – this interview is currently no longer on line]

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