Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 3

Still off traveling but we thought we’d scatter a few crumbs. Couldn’t miss the weekly, or semi-weekly, round-up!

There’s a nice piece up about San Francisco’s lively independent bookstore scene, including, of course, City Lights, in the travel section of this Sunday’s New York Times

–  here‘s a sneak preview.

Another snippet of news – James Franco’s selection as co-host for the Oscar ceremonies this coming February…Hmm.. How many mentions of Allen on Oscar night will this mean?

Franco’s vivid portrayal of Allen in the movie has led a number of reviewers to recount their own memorable meetings with the real Allen. Here’s two sides of the coin. Debra Ginsberg (for NPR) and Fritz Lyon (for the Maine Republican Journal),  (“The Day I Made Allen Ginsberg Howl”) both mindful of the echoes contained in their names!).

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