Allen Ginsberg Does Tai Chi

Thanks to poet-entrepreneur Bob Holman for this one. Between 1986 and 1994 Bob produced over 50 “Poetry Spots” for the New York public television station, WNYC featuring a whole range of poets. This, the one on Allen, is one of the earliest of them. Check his You Tube channel for others. The text of the poem, “In My Kitchen in New York – for Bataan Faigao” (dated “Manhattan Midnight, September 5, 1984”) is included in White Shroud – Poems 1980-1985 and in Collected Poems
Bataan Faigao is a full-time faculty member at Naropa University, and chair of the Traditional Eastern Arts Department. He is also director of the Rocky Mountain T’ai-chi ch’uan Foundation. He began studying t’ai-chi ch’uan with Grand Master Cheng Man-ching in 1968 and for the next seven years practiced under his guidance. He has been teaching t’ai-chi ch’uan since 1976.

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  1. This one is absolutely fabulous! I love Ginsbergs poetry, and I think most tai chi and other sorts of meditation practitioners absolutely recognize themselves in the poets description.

    I made a post on my clubs blog including a link back to you for credits. Thanks

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