Happy 100th Birthday, Paul Bowles


[Paul Bowles preparing mint tea on arrival at acquaintance Christopher Wanklyn’s souk household in the medina, I took train from Tangier and stayed with them a week, Marrakesh, Maroc, July 20, 1961. (Allen Ginsberg caption) c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

Paul Bowles Centennial Today – December 30 2010 – Paul Bowles (1910-1999)

For a decent breakdown on how his life intersected with Allen’s or how he gets incorrectly heaped in with the “Beats,” click on over to the official Paul Bowles site.Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up 6

Here’s for the holiday season our now-regular miscellaneous Ginsberg round-up, the last round-up for 2010More Arthur Russell/Allen Ginsberg

You all know Arthur Russell’s appearance playing cello on “Do The Meditation Rock” from Nam June Paik’s Good Morning Mr. Orwell (1984) but here the two are again, Allen intoning this time on Arthur’s “Soon To Be Innocent Fun”, featuring John Moran with Allen Ginsberg, from the 1993 Meet The Locusts, produced by Philip Glass. Vocals are by John Moran, Joyce Bowden and Allen Ginsberg. Arrangement is by John Moran. Allen’s recorded voice also featured as “a patriarchal commentator named … Read More

Anne Waldman: Janine Pommy Vega, Beat Sister

Janine Pommy Vega, Beat Sister (February 5, 1942- December 23, 2010)

A great sister spirit, woman extraordinaire of the Beat literary movement who left her home in Union City, New Jersey age 15 to seek out the Beats, died December 23rd at her home in Willow, New York, outside Woodstock. She was close to Gregory Corso, Herbert Huncke, Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky. Peter was her first lover at a tender age. They lived together and she confronted the complicated sexuality and male chauvinist ethos early on when Allen took Peter off to India, with nary a thought to her … Read More

William S Burroughs & Allen Ginsberg on the Yage Letters, Ayahuasca, & Junky’s Christmas

Came across this little gem recently from Charles Ruas‘ WBAI show, from 1975, a segment entitled “In Search of Yage.” It’s 95 per cent Allen on William Burroughs & their collection of letters, The Yage Letters (which, incidentally, was re-issued in 2006 by City Lights, with extensive notes by Oliver Harris and additional materials, as The Yage Letters Redux). Recordings of Burroughs reading a selection of the letters are also scattered throughout the program. A good number of Ruas’ shows have now been posted to ArtOnAir.org, including, notably, one of Allen reading (in 1968), and a … Read More

Buddhist Art & Music in the 70s & 80s: Marcus Boon on Arthur Russell’s Buddhism & Creative Process

Just came across this piece on Arthur Russell’s creative process in connection with Buddhism by Marcus Boon. Definitely worth a read. (btw, If you haven’t had a chance to check out Tim Lawrence’s Arthur Russell book Hold on to Your Dreams, we highly recommend that too especially if you’ve got more than a passing interest in the NYC art/music/poetry scenes of the 1970s & 80s. ) screen-shot-2017-02-07-at-2-40-35-pm

“I’m just finishing Tim Lawrence’s excellent biography of Arthur Russell, Hold On To Your Dreams: Arthur Russell and the Downtown Music Scene, 1973-1992. In some ways, New York in the 1970s is starting … Read More

Ginsberg’s poem for Ingrid Law

ingrid Celebrated Children’s book author Ingrid Law recently revealed a unique Allen Ginsberg “lost poem” – well, kind of. As she explains in her blog, Straight From The Jar, it was 1977, and she was 7 years old. “It was at a fund-raising event, I believe. And, at the time, I did not even understand much about who Allen Ginsberg was, let alone how cool it would be to have this poem years later”. Yes, Allen wrote a poem/inscription/lullaby note for the little girl (and her mother wisely held on to it). “I doubt you’ll be seeing this one in any … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up 5


So last week we alerted you to another interview with Howl animator, Eric Drooker, so this week, here’s another interview with James Franco, Howl’s star (recorded earlier this month at New York’s 92nd Street Y, as part of Reel Pieces, their on-going, long-running, film-talk series). Interviewer here is series-host, and Columbia professor, film historian, Annette Insdorf).

Meanwhile, at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, “just down the street”, opening on Sunday, Allen’s screen test” by Andy Warhol is among those being featured in Andy Warhol: Motion Pictures, a show focusing on Warhol’s experimental, black-and-white, non-narrative, “portrait” films. … Read More

Allen Ginsberg’s Personal Ad

A good response to the posting of Bob Holman’s “Poetry Spot” (Allen Ginsberg Does Tai Chi) last week. So here’s another one. This, from his 1996 PBS series, The United States of Poetry. Allen reads (and acts out) his bitter-sweet late poem, ”Personals Ad” (from Cosmopolitan Greetings) . F.y.i., that young man in his skivvies just might be our very own Peter Hale!

The text of the poem can be read here – And perhaps we should also point out that this poem was one of twelve of Allen’s chosen for Random House’s audiobook, The Voice of the Poet – Read More

Time for some serious errata: 1963 Neal Cassady photos & Charles Plymell

We’ve had a few shots of Neal Cassady on the Ginsberg.org website for quite some time with missing details and in some cases flat out wrong information. Not quite sure how we’d had it wrong after all these years, and why Allen hadn’t kept more detailed info on that historic roll of film. At any rate, Charles Plymell took notice, and a good thing too, as he was there when they were shot, and in a few cases even took the photos himself with Allen’s camera. Here some fantastic detailed background to these historic shots from the Summer of 1963.… Read More