The Dharmic Dirty Old Man – Jim Edwards Interviews Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg (left) with James Edwards (University of Tulsa)

A fantastic interview digest that offers a snapshot of Allen in the late 1970s. Originally published in The Collegian in 1977, it’s reprinted here online in Oklahoma’s This Land In case you might end up wondering, the “Cotten-clad-One” (sic) referenced is Tibetan yogi Milarepa.

The following is an interview with Allen Ginsberg originally published by the University of Tulsa’s student newspaper The Collegian in 1977. It is reprinted here with permission from the Collegian’s publication board and TU’s University Relations office.

GIinsberg Was Here – Dharmic Dirty Old Man, gay libber, chronicler of one generation’s nightmares, Allen Ginsberg to some’s delight came Monday, October ten. For,

Monday noon lunch in the diner. Featuring: vegetables, name-swapping, Tulsa gay bar review. Then, Monday afternoon discourse and reading in the Sharp Chapel Lounge. Featuring: questions from the gallery, the death of Hippie idealism, spontaneous snoring, the lineage of American poetry, and much, much more. Then,

Later Monday afternoon interview with cub reporter in the new wing of McFarlin Library (hardhats required). Featuring: interruptions and sidetracks, loaded questions, wind.

And, Monday evening reading and music in the Great Hall. Featuring: Ginsberg, Live!

Check out the full story (including the interview) – here

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