Visualizing Madness: The Art of “Howl” Steve Silberman interviews Eric Drooker

Howl – the movie –  “Visualizing Madness – The Art of Howl”  –
Our good friend, Steve Silberman interviews Eric Drooker and gets behind the animation element, the section we think is, so far, the most under-appreciated component to the film.
“On a hot August night on the Lower East Side in 1988, poet Allen Ginsberg stepped out of a cab and into a riot. Tensions simmering between police and squatters in Tompkins Square Park had been brought to a boil by a curfew. The author of “Howl” — an epic lament for the “best minds” of the poet’s generation — was no stranger to street protest. But after being away from New York for the summer, teaching poetry in Colorado, he needed to get up to speed on neighborhood politics fast

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