Regina Weinreich: Howl for Peter Orlovsky: A Clash of Aesthetics

Regina Weinreich writes in her blog – Gossip Central: A Diary of the Arts on the new Ginsberg film and the memorial at St Marks Church for Ginsberg’s partner, Peter Orlovsky

“A scheduling glitch created the following conundrum: Best Generation poet and Allen Ginsberg’s longtime mate, Peter Orlovsky, who died in June, was remembered on Wednesday at St. Mark’s Church. Meanwhile the New York premiere of “Howl,” the new movie starring James Franco with Peter (Aaron Tveit) in a small role took place a few blocks across town at the IFC Center. Having filled the prestigious slot of opening night film at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, the anticipation was high for this movie: part animation, part courtroom drama, part period piece about the creation of the iconic beat poem and the censorship trial for obscenity that followed its 1956 City Lights publication…”

Read the entirety of Regina’s blogpost on Gossip Central – here

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