Peter Orlovsky Memorial: Wednesday September 22, 8pm. St. Mark’s Church, 2nd Ave & East 10th St., New York City

There will be a memorial Reading for poet, Peter Orlovsky on Wednesday, September 22, 8pm. St. Mark’s Church. 10th St at 2nd Ave, NYC. The event is free.Peter Orlovsky (July 8,1933-May 30, 2010) Poet, singer, farmer, yodeler, banjo-picker, Buddhist practitioner, Allen Ginsberg’s lifelong-companion, Kerouac’s Simon Darlovsky in Desolation Angels & George in The Dharma Bums, the generous & wonderfully whimsical Peter Orlovsky, was an unforgettable & hugely colorful presence in the East Village, and in and around the Poetry Project.Please join us in a night of music, video, song and poetry, as some of his closest friends pay tribute to … Read More

Presspop’s Beat Poet Figurine in stores this month

Presspop’s Ginsberg Figurine is just about ready now. As you’ll see from the box below, the doll, designed by SOF’BOY creator, Sea and Cake’s Archer Prewitt comes with an unassembled uncle Sam hat, a choice of Plutonian Ode, Collected Poems, Howl & Other Poems and Kaddish and Other Poems that you can put in his hand. Also included is a cd mini sampler with 5 poems and 1 song, all unreleased.

” ALLEN GINSBERG DOLL + CD SET”Officially approved by the Allen Ginsberg Estate

” I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked……..”The voice … Read More

The sexy Howl brings 1950s poetry to life

Watermark’s Lawrence Ferber interviews Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman

by Lawrence Ferber, WaterMark online, Key West. September 15, 2010

One of the year’s most buzzed-about gay titles is Howl, in which award-winning documentary filmmakers Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman (Paragraph 175, The Celluloid Closet) bring “Beat Generation” poet Allen Ginsberg’s landmark 1955 poem to life.

The Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival will screen the hit at Muvico Baywalk on Wednesday, Oct. 13, at 7:30 p.m.

Employing a triptych structure and superb name cast, the directors weave several strands together: scenes from Ginsberg’s youthful years (and relationships with fellow … Read More

One more apt coming up for rent at 437 East 12th Street

The apartment Allen had at 437 East 12th was actually two combined (#22 & #23), but since the renovation, the owner has restored them to single units. The first went on the market last month, and was scooped up immediately for some $1,700 a month. Now #23 is about to go on the market for a wee bit more at $1,875. The Real Deal have done up a little story on this whole business.

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John Tytell on Allen Ginsberg: Howl’s Echoes

September 12, 2010

Howl’s Echoes

(from the Chronicle of Higher Education)

By John Tytell

“Is there a great mad wave of fame crashing over our ears?,” Allen Ginsberg asked Jack Kerouac after the publication of On the Road in a letter from Amsterdam in the fall of 1957. The query was prescient, the image apt. Ginsberg would learn how to surf that wave, while Kerouac would capsize and drown, one of the early casualties of contemporary American literature. Read full story Read More

Beat Memories: The Photographs of Allen Ginsberg

Beat Memories: The Photographs of Allen Ginsberg Allen’s exhibition comes down this Thursday, September 16. If you haven’t seen it, and plan to be in the area, it’s last chance. It’s been getting very positive reviews, and loads of coverage, and to top it off, The New York Times have given it one last plug in yesterday’s Sunday Times edition.

[“Beat Memories: The Photographs of Allen Ginsberg”: Neal Cassady and Natalie Jackson in San Francisco, in the show at the National Gallery of Art in Washington. photo c. Allen Ginsberg Estate.]

Poet With a Kodak and a Restless Eye

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Ballad of the Lights: Arthur Russell & the Flying Hearts feat. Allen Ginsberg

Nice little plug from pitchfork as well as Consequence of Sound (CoS)

CoS’s great quote: “Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear, who worked on Love is Overtaking Me and just generally seems to admire Russell, handled the digital transfers for the vinyl version of “Ballad of the Lights”. The vinyl’s B-side will be an old Russell and Ginsberg work, 1971’s “Pacific High Studio Mantras”.

To indie it up a little, Archer Prewitt of The Sea and Cake designed the cover art (pictured).”

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“Ballad of the Lights” is a collaboration between NYC avant-pop hero Arthur Russell and beat poet … Read More

Howl Festival 2010 New York City September 10-12

Apologies for our last minute posting on this. This year’s Howl fest officially kicks off tonite with a reading of Howl featuring: Anne Waldman w/Ambrose Bye, John Giorno, Betsy Andrews, Jennifer Blowdryer, Ana Bozicevic, Guillermo Castro, Steve Dalachinsky, Thomas Fucaluro, Greg Fuchs, Daniel Gallant, Alan Gilbert, Amy King, Mariposa, Douglas A. Martin, Angelo Nikolopoulos, Amy Ouzunian, Meghann Plunkett, Jon Sands, Susan Scotti, Jean Ann Verlee, Michael Warr, Chavisa Woods, Advocate of Wordz, RA ‘R!’ Araya. Host and MC: Bob Holman.

Check their site,, for a complete listing of events, which, although the core is this weekend, actually span … Read More

Internment of Allen Ginsberg & Peter Orlovsky’s Ashes at Shambhala Mountain Center, August 28, 2010

It was Allen’s wish that a third of his ashes be buried in his family plot in Elizabeth, New Jersey, one third go to Jewel Heart, Gelek Rinpoche’s Sangha, and one third to the Shambhala Sangha to be brought to Shambhala Mountain Center near Red Feather Lakes, Colorado. For quite some time we’d been planning appropriate placement for them with the help of poets Reed Bye, Anne Waldman and the staff at SMC, especially with artist Joshua Mulder, but couldn’t quite seem to coordinate something. It took Peter Orlovsky passing away last spring and his similar wish … Read More