Naropa University Shake-Up/Shake-Down

Over last weekend there’s been quite a bit of confusion about what kind of shake-down is actually happening over at Naropa, with the laying off of 23 staff, huge budget cuts, and rumors of a down-scaled Kerouac School of Poetics. Summer Writing Program Director, Lisa Berman, and Anne Waldman have written the statement below to help clarify things a bit and dispel some rumors. Things still seem far from clear, so we hope to have more info before too long.


Naropa University Department of the Summer Writing Program Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics 2130 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder, CO … Read More

Brion Gysin, The Bunker and the Dream Machine Exhibiton at the New Museum

[Brion Gysin and the Dream Machine. Photo: c. Harold Chapman]

NYC’s New Museum is mounting the first ever US exhibition retrospective of Brion Gysin, titled Brion Gysin: Dream Machine. It’s opens next week and will be up through October 3 this year. The exhibition is directly across from 222 Bowery, where William Burroughs lived in the late ’70s, (dubbed “the Bunker” by him), and where Gysin himself visited on a number of occasions.

That building itself has a fantastic history that New York Magazine just happened to chronicle this month with a nice tie-in to the New Museum show … Read More

Greystone’s Fetid Halls

Steve Silberman stumbled upon these fantastically creepy images on of the abandoned Greystone State mental hospital where Allen’s mother Naomi spent several years off and on starting in 1935. This was the state run facility that was considerably cheaper than the Bloomingdale Sanitorium where Naomi had been for her previous breakdown, a private hospital which almost broke the family financially. Naomi underwent almost 40 insulin shock treatments there as well as Metrazol treatment which left her bloated. This is the same hospital where Woodie Guthrie spent his last years and where Bob Dylan paid him his famous visit. Check Read More