Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg: The Letters. Reviews streaming in

A late-1950s New York minute: clockwise from far right, Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso (in cap), the painter Larry Rivers, Jack Kerouac and the musician David Amram. John Cohen/Getty Images

Been very pleased with the positive press devoted to the Kerouac -Ginsberg correspondence book Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg: The Letters. This kind of attention shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, given the stature of the two, and it is difficult to negatively critique letters that weren’t quite intended for the public. At any rate, the most recent comes from NY Times‘ Janet Maslin, and we’re told to expect a Sunday Times review from them this Sunday. Kesey Biographer, Robert Faggen, offers a glowing review in the LA Times, Chicago Sun Times publisher John Barron offers a short but sweet one, and Steve Silberman for the SF Chronicle also touches on Bill Morgan’s The Typewriter is Holy. Other smaller papers have joined in, including The Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Portland Oregonian. The oddest one comes via The Boston Globe that suggests somehow we should hear more ‘solos from Gary Snyder, John Clellon Holmes, Corso, Burroughs and others…’

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