Brion Gysin, The Bunker and the Dream Machine Exhibiton at the New Museum

Brion Gysin and the Dream Machine. Photo: c. Harold Chapman

NYC’s New Museum is mounting the first ever US exhibition retrospective of Brion Gysin, titled Brion Gysin: Dream Machine. It’s opens next week and will be up through October 3 this year. The exhibition is directly across from 222 Bowery, where William Burroughs lived in the late ’70s, (dubbed “the Bunker” by him), and where Gysin himself visited on a number of occasions.

That building itself has a fantastic history that New York Magazine just happened to chronicle this month with a nice tie-in to the New Museum show. See here for the article.

William Burroughs and Brion Gysin – Photo  c.  Loomis Dean

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