Village Voice Clip Job: Allen Ginsberg Explains Timonthy Leary

Timothy Leary psychedelic research pioneer and Neal Cassady first meeting at Millbrook N.Y. in Ken Kesey-Merry Pranksters’ “Further” bus which Neal’d driven crosscountry S.F. to N.Y. via Texas before Fall 1964 presidentiad, with “”A vote For Goldwater is a Vote for Fun”” logo painted large across bus side, L.S.D. cool-aid pitcher in icebox. Neal scratching amphetamine itch in his driver’s palm. (Ginsberg Caption) photo c. Allen Ginsberg Estate.

Another great one from the Village Voice ‘Clip Jobs’ series – Clip Job: an excerpt every day from the Voice archives. This one, from December 12, 1968, Vol. XIV, No. 9 – “Remarks on Leary’s Politics of Ecstasy”

(This essay was subsequently published in Allen Ginsberg’s Deliberate Prose: Selected Essays 1952-1995. Ed. Bill Morgan)

“By the late ’40s of this memory Century the people I knew best and loved the most had already broken through the crust of old Reason & were dowsing for some Supreme Reality, Christmas on Earth Rimbaud said, Second Religiousness according to Spengler’s outline of civilization declining through proliferation of non-human therefore boring technology; Blake had called “O Earth O Earth return!” centuries before, echoing the ancient gnostic prophecy that Whitman spelled out for America specifically demanding that the Steam-engine “be confronted and met by at least equally subtle and tremendous force-infusion for purposes of spiritualization, for the pure conscience, for genuine aesthetics, and for absolute and primal manliness and womanliness – ” Ezra Pound’s mind jumped to diagnose the dimming of the world’s third Eye: “With Usura the line grows thick…

The essay continues and can be read in its entirety – here 

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