Remembering Peter Orlovsky: Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman

Peter Orlovsky & Allen Ginsberg, Place Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris, December 1957. Photo: c. Harold Chapman

 “Remembering Peter Orlovsky – Here’s a memoir published in The Advocate, June 2, 2010.
Directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman remember fondly their time spent with the late Peter Orlovsky while preparing to make Howl, their movie based on Allen Ginsberg’s life, which opens this coming September.

“We first met Peter Orlovsky six summers ago, as we were embarking on our film based on the 1955 poem “Howl” by Peter’s longtime partner, Allen Ginsberg. Peter was the first person we set out to meet as part of our research. He was then living a quiet retired life in a the woods of New England, lovingly cared for by friends arranged by Allen before his death in 1997….   Read on.

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