Leslie Scalapino Memorial at St Mark’s Church

We definitely want everyone know about the the Leslie Scalapino Memorial on Monday at St. Mark’s Church here in NYC. She’s yet another poet to pass away over that rather devastating Memorial Day weekend. Apologies again for listing NYC-specific events, but we felt we really needed to add this one. There is information below for those who can’t attend but would like perhaps to contribute somehow.

Monday, June 21, 8 PM
Memorial for Leslie Scalapino
St Mark’s Church, 2nd Ave & 10th St, New York City

“It is with heavy hearts that we will open the doors of the Parish Hall so that we may all come together in friendship and grief to remember and celebrate the life and work of Leslie Scalapino, one of our greatest poets, who passed away on May 28th. Guests who will speak include Petah Coyne, Simone Fattal, Joan Retallack, Charles Bernstein, Susan Bee, Ann Lauterbach, Susan Howe, Paolo Javier, Molissa Foley, Fiona Templeton, Laura Elrick, Rodrigo Toscano, Steve Clay, Rachel Levitsky, Susan Landers, James Sherry, Brenda Iijima, Pierre Joris, Judith Goldman, E. Tracy Grinnell and Tom White.

There will be a wine and cheese reception to follow. We’ll have a book table with titles by Leslie, plus 50 canvas bags that she collaborated on with Kiki Smith. We’ll be accepting donations for the bags starting at $25. All proceeds from books and bags will be donated to Poets In Need http://www.poetsinneed.org/.

The event will be free

If you can’t attend but would like to honor Leslie Scalapino, please consider a charitable donation in her memory to: Poets in Need, PO Box 5411, Berkeley, CA 94705; Reed College for the Leslie Scalapino Scholarship, 3203 Southeast Woodstock Boulevard, Portland, OR 97202-8199; The AYCO Charitable Foundation, PO Box 15203, Albany, NY 12212-5203 for the Leslie Scalapino-O Books Fund to support innovative works of poetry, prose and art; or to a charitable organization of your choice.

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